Charles Maddock (Founder and President)

Charlie Maddock is the Director of Business Development at Shapeways, the world’s largest 3D printing community and marketplace. In his role Charlie is responsible for the company’s strategic partnerships surrounding revenue and traffic. The startup harnesses 3D printing to help anyone make and share their designs with the world, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. Shapeways prints everything on-demand, which means that every order is customized and personalized. By providing a platform for community members to gain access to cutting edge 3D printing technology , Shapeways is democratizing creation for everyone.

Prior to Shapeways Charlie worked in Investment Management at Fidelity Investments and later at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Charlie holds an A.B. in History from Brown University.

He is the Founder and President of the Charles Maddock Foundation, a 501c3 public charity he started after suffering and fully recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury during which he spent 2 weeks in a coma and 7 months in the hospital. Charles founded the organization with his neurosurgeon Dr. Howard Riina, who over the years has become one of his closest friends.